Etisalat Business Xtreme – Unlimited Calling Plans

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August 13, 2020
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August 16, 2020

Etisalat Business Xtreme – Unlimited Calling Plans

Etisalat has always put its customer needs and requirements as its prime focus. Always working out the plans and packages which can cater the diverse requirements of the businesses. Etisalat has come up with one of most impressive business mobile plan with unlimited calling offers. Business extreme plans are bundled with unlimited local calling, unlimited international calling, doubled mobile data, mobile roaming data, roaming minutes and flexible SMS’s. Business xtreme is a one stop solution for all your calling needs locally or internationally without worrying about your billing. Please find below a brief description of the benefits and the plans:

Unlimited Local Calling:

A self explanatory service offers unlimited calling to landline and mobile calling within UAE. The only exceptions are the special numbers which are not included in the free minutes plan i.e 600 service number or any such service numbers.

Unlimited International Calls:

Again this plans offers unlimited international calling but with some exceptions. The unlimited international calling is valid for only 97 countries. So please check the details of the countries before subscribing the plans to avoid any surprises in the bills.

Additional Data:

Mobile data is always been a concern to most of the business users. Bundled in the package are some amazing data offers which mostly caters the data requirements. The data offered in the base plans have been doubled to make this offer more feasible and attractive.

Global Roaming Incoming minutes and Global Roaming Outgoing Minutes:

Now, “don’t miss any call”. Some of the packages are bundled with international roaming incoming and outgoing minutes so that you may not miss any call or the important stuff even if you are on leisure or business trip out of UAE.

Global Roaming Data:

Roaming data make the life more easy for the esteemed business customers while traveling on business or leisure. Have a complete peace of mind with the roaming data and don’t miss any important email or message while you are away!

Flexible SMS:

A handsome amount of Flexible SMS are provided to the customers.


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