Etisalat DgTx Accounting and Taxation Service (VAT)

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August 11, 2020
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August 16, 2020

Etisalat DgTx Accounting and Taxation Service (VAT)

DgTx is a Taxation (VAT) service which is designed to cater all the accounts and VAT related issues a business may face. VAT is having some intricacies, complexities of filing and regulation which is not easy to handle without tax or accounts professional. Our experts, who are qualified accountants and FTA certified tax consultants, will help to simplify filing and maintain and record keeping.

  • Fully managed accounts with Accountant visits for QC audits.
  • Full cycle accounting software with comprehensive reporting and FTA compliant reporting.
  • All VAT related activities i.e. Filling, reporting, amendments, adjustments, adjournments, voluntary disclosures.

Find below the detail that how we help our customers and the features of DgTx service.

Obligations on business from Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

  • Register for VAT

If a business meets the threshold for registration, it must register with FTA as a first step for VAT compliance

  • Ensure VAT Filling &Payment

All registered businesses must collect and pay VAT across the Supply Chain and must declare these numbers to Federal Tax Authority on or before the due dates.

  • Ensure Implementation of FTA Decree Laws

Other than basic obligations, all businesses must comply to articles mentioned in FTA Decree Law and other related regulations as issued by the Government

  • Maintain a record of all Documents

Businesses must maintain all documents such as Financial Statements, Sales and Purchase Invoices, and details of expenses to name a few; for a period of 5 years, and must present them in case of being asked by FTA

  • Comply with FTA if an Audit Invokes

Business must fully comply with FTA officials in case of an Audit being invoked from the FTA. They must be able to present all documents and supporting elements as and when desired by the FTA.

How do we help our Customers?

  • VAT Readiness Assessment:

DgTx conducts a “readiness assessment” to give you a comprehensive report on all the identified aspects of your business that will need thoughtful attention.

  • VAT Registration

With the expected rush for registration as well as usual processing and administrative issues, DgTx can provide the most necessary support in order to facilitate the entire registration process.

  • VAT Due Diligence

In combination with tax, legal, accounting expertise and host of other competencies to call on, DgTx can conduct the most appropriate due diligence on your business enterprise, regardless of the size or complexity, in order to analyze the ultimate impact that VAT will have on your systems.

  • VAT Returns

DgTx assists with the completion of periodic returns along with ensuring timely and accurate filing of VAT calculations by attending to any queries highlighted by the relevant authorities.

  • VAT Audits.

Regular VAT audits ensures proper compliance as well as correct implementation and accounting. The DgTx team can provide independent credible assessments periodically so as to prevent possible non-compliance and even the suspected identification of any under claiming related to VAT input credits.

  • VAT Rulings

Legislation has always grey areas that need clarification. This may arise in the case of the ordinary transactions for which it may not be apparently evident as to what the VAT impact will be on the core business. DgTx can apply for clarification as well as obtain VAT rulings from the relevant authorities for your situation.

  • Accounting software

Full cycle accounting software with mobile app. The software works on SAAS model (software as a service) in which we do all the work of data entry of your invoices and the documents. All you have to do is to click and post the invoice to the software from the mobile app or the desktop system.

  • Cloud Archive of Documents for 5 years.

As per the FTA requirements business are bound to save the documents for 5 years. Etisalat save the hassle for you by providing 5 years cloud archive of data and documents uploaded in the software.

  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

Dedicated account manager will be responsible for all the accounting and taxation assistance you may require at any point of time, helping you in your software, accounting, taxation issues.

  • Accountant / Auditor visits (Platinum plan)

A dedicated accountant visits will be arranged for the monthly audit and QC of you accounts and taxation.


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Certified Tax Agent
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud base Point of sale, accounting and mobile app
  • Technology
  • Cloud data base
  • Integrated accounting tools
  • Inventory management
  • Point of Sale
  • Automated financial Reporting
  • Snap and post feature
  • Data acquisition, Quality Check and Filing
    • Data acquisition
    • Data entry
    • Invoice format
    • Amount Accuracy
    • VAT rating
    • Import Export Treatment
    • Deemed Supplies Treatment
    • FTA portal data upload and Quality Check

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