Managed Wi-Fi, a Cisco Meraki cloud based platform

Our enterprise-grade cloud solution provides secure and convenient wireless internet access for your employees and customers. Moreover it’s a highly scalable solution which grow from a single access point to a large network easily.

Secured office connectivity

Our highly secure Wi-Fi network solution brings you a range of features to keep you protected at all times: role-based access, content filtering, firewall, malware protection, applications visibility & control

Network traffic monitoring

Exercising control on your network had never been easier, as you can allocate bandwidth limits to specific applications or restrict them if needed ensuring that entertainment traffic (e.g. social networking, video) is not compromising the performance of your corporate applications.

Customer & location analytics

Gain valuable insights on your guest Wi-Fi users, track their behavior and usage patterns. Benefit from location-based analytics – see how many potential customers connected to your Wi-Fi. Engage with your existing and potential client base via branded captive portal, social media or reach them through SMS campaigns.

Multiple login options

You can define how your staff and guests access the network; a wide selection of easy customizable splash pages to promote your brand, social media login (Facebook, Google, etc.), password-protected access or SMS authentication.

24/7 support (365 days/year)

We manage your Wi-Fi so you could focus on growing your business. Automated intelligent monitoring ensures your corporate WLAN stays at top performance and your employees and guests enjoy high-speed access.

Public Internet Access Provider

PIAP is an add-on available for businesses offering free or paid public Wi-Fi to their customers. This TRA-approved solution enforces SMS-based authentication for users of its Public Wi-Fi network to assure additional data security and customer’s protection. PIAP could be deployed on already operational Wi-Fi networks or for new customers