Business Landline Service provides an access line from the Customer location to Etisalat’s Network which enables Customers to:

  1. Place calls to and receive calls from any local, regional, national or international calling number reachable from Etisalat’s Network;
  2. place or receive calls to 800 telephone numbers;
  3. Access Directory Assistance.
Service Description

Two types of Business Landline Services are offered
  1. Business DEL (Single Line)
  2. PBX Lines (Multiple lines on main number with hunting facility)
Business DEL (Single Line): Business DEL is a Service which provides a Customer with an individual access line and the ability to connect to Etisalat’s Network for transmission of two way interactive voice or data communication. Business DEL provides the Customer with a single, voice-grade communication channel. Each Business DEL will include a telephone number.

PBX Lines: PBX Lines provide Customers with multiple voice-grade communications channels to Customer’s PBX or Key System. PBX Lines will include a main telephone number and either a sequential or random hunting facility. PBX Lines can be provisioned to carry one-way outbound traffic, one-way inbound or two-way traffic.

Various types of terminals can be connected to an exchange line to provide voice, data or image transmissions.

Different Voice Usage plans will be offered to the Customer from time to time on a Fixed Term.

Value Added Services will vary from service to service and customer will have the choice to subscribe to the VAS with additional Charges.

Minimum Term and Conditions

The Minimum Term is one month.

Exit charge of one month rental will be applicable for early termination
One-time connection Charges for installation and activation of Business Landline is applicable for the first line. Additional line installation at same place for the same Customer will be free of charge.

Rental Charges for Business Landline Service will be billed monthly in advance.

Usage Charges are billed monthly in arrears and include the following information
  1. total charges for calls to mobile
  2. total charges for national calls
  3. total charges for international calls
  4. itemized charges for international calls
One-time Charges for relocation is applicable.

2.3.5      Business Landlines with Monthly Rental Charge including free Local & National minutes for Fixed to Fixed Voice calls will be based on a Fair Usage Policy of 7,500 minutes per line. Out of Bundle charges will be billed at AED 0.15 per minute for Local & National calls.